Lineage is a planned fan originated spin-off for The CW's Supernatural.[1] It was originated and planned to be directed by Victoria King and produced by Danielle Patton.

In February of 2019 a Twitter page by the name of @Lineage_Series brought Supernatural fans their first knowledge of this spin-off.

The first season is planned to be released on streaming networks[2][3] after the end of season 15. The trailer for Lineage will be shown at the Burbank Supernatural Convention in October 2019.

An article appeared on both Twitter and Facebook pages in mid September of 2019[4], telling of an in-depth exclusive with Victoria King, giving us much more insight into what Lineage is about:

"King describes the plot point as a major time jump where Benjamin Braeden is older, with a wife named Melody and twin daughters. Ben's mother, Lisa, lied about Dean Winchester not being his father to protect him and both Ben and his family grapple with both the hunter lifestyle and Ben's returned memories. Through it all they also have to deal with demons, witches, warlocks, family lineages, rival hunters, and, most importantly, what it means to be a Winchester.

King also says that the show will be available on streaming sites after the end of Supernatural and plans to travel around hoping to involve fans as much as possible in the making of the show. A handful of casting positions are open as well, such as hunters, monsters, and demons as well as the character of Melody. While King could not disclose the name, one Supernatural actor has been confirmed to gain some screen time in Lineage.[5]"


Ben Braeden (Spencer Debenham) is the son of Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden. After growing up into a man and learning about his family's past, Ben is introduced into the world of hunting and he will do anything to keep his two girls safe. It is so much for Ben to handle that he takes after his grandfather and leaves the girls with a close friend Sage (Kristi Sustrick). Once Mireya (Amanda Hon) and Bexley Braeden (Christie Marie Leone) grow up and learn about their Lineage, the girls soon learn what it takes to have Winchester blood running through their veins. They have a few close friends that make sure they stay on the right path. But how can they protect them, when they are still learning about this life and have to protect themselves?[6]


Main CastEdit



  • Lexington Abellera as Braxton Westbrook[18][19]
  • Steve Delgado as Officer Harrison
  • Ian Foot as Henchman
  • Victoria Kelemen as Young Bexley
  • Demitrius Monico as Calix Everhart
  • Kahala Pacrem as Loveta Wakefield[20]
  • Nick Payne as Malik
  • Tonya Todd as Willow Wardwell
  • Jasmine Yvonne as Lamia Savage (Demon)
  • Faith Lancaster - Ravana (Demon)
  • TBA as Melody Braeden
  • TBA as Donald Harper
  • TBA as Vivian


  • Victoria King - Director & Show Creator / Scriptwriter
  • Danielle Patton - Producer / Scriptwriter
  • Demitrius Monico - DP / Lighting / Audio / Actor
  • Paul Robert Perez Jimenez - DP / Lighting / Audio
  • Jeremy Amigo - DP / Lighting / Audio
  • Tristan - DP / Lighting / Audio
  • Nicolle Michelle Patton - Scriptwriter
  • Cameron Nordgren - Effects / Editor
  • Lexington Abellera - Effective Producer / Financing


File:Episode names lineage.jpg

Creator and director Victoria King released a list of episode names on May 6, 2019[22].

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
New Beginnings Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #01 101
Smile Dog Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #02 102
Trolls Are Not Vegan Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #03 103
Furby's Are Evil Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #04 104
Simple Man Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #05 105
Carry On Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #06 106
Big Bad Wolf Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #07 107
Out Of This World Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #08 108
Mothman Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #09 109
Don't Call Me Baby Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #10 110
Join The Family Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #11 111
The Tap Dancer Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #12 112
The Legacy Continues Writer: TBA Director: Victoria King TBA #13 113


  • Lineage is the third Supernatural spin-off attempt, with Bloodlines and Wayward Sisters being the first two.
    • However, Lineage is the first spin-off attempt to not have a backdoor pilot in Supernatural and be originated solely by fans.
  • According to Victoria King, at least one actor from Supernatural has been confirmed to appear in Lineage.
  • There is a possibility of Sage Lovecraft being related to Rowena MacLeod[23].
  • Actor Chad Lindberg who portrayed Ash has expressed his support for the show[24][25].
  • Victoria King named the Haydn Wash Mall in Lineage after actor David Haydn-Jones, who portrayed Arthur Ketch[26]
  • Victoria King stated that if Mark Pellegrino, who portrayed Lucifer, made a cameo in Lineage she would want him to be the opposite of Lucifer, such as a priest.[27].
  • Victoria King has expressed the want for Osric Chau, who portrayed Kevin Tran, to make an appearance[28]
  • Actors from Supernatural have the opportunity to make an appearance as a new character in the series. For the cast members to make an appearance they would have to play a possible relative to their past selves on Supernatural.



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